New Videos!

Having recently been perusing YouTube in search of different musical material for my students, I decided to create my own short videos to promote the value of proofreading and editing! Do check them out as I had a lot of fun making them and I am quite happy with the results! (And make sure you have your sound turned up…) Type Kathleen Shuster into YouTube and you will find them!

Common Spelling Mistakes

Welcome to my World of Words!! I am delighted to have my new website up and running – telling all and sundry about another area of my workaday world. I thought I’d start off with a tip on words that people frequently misspell. Words with i and e in them are ones that people often mix up – writing “freind” instead of the correct spelling “friend”. Or “decieve” instead of the correct spelling “deceive”. A quick and easy rhyme to remember the correct order of e and i is, “i before e except after c”!! Stay tuned for more handy tips.