How to educate your child through music!

I came across two interesting articles that give the benefits for children having singing and piano lessons and I wanted to share them with you: These articles show that if you want your child to have the best possible education you should look into singing and piano lessons! I teach children from 4 years upwards so contact me if you are interested…

Singing website!

Merry christmas to you all! Have a look at my new singing website that I have created to promote my singing groups for kids! www.singing

Unique Gifts…

Just recently finished proofreading the new catalog for a fabulous online shop called “Not On The High Street”! Would recommend checking out their products when you start thinking about Christmas presents! Here is their website:


If you want to expand your vocabulary then I would recommend playing Taboo! This is a board game suitable for both kids and adults. Great for getting you to use new words! I have put together a powerpoint version of this for the kids I teach English to and they love playing it as a starter to the lesson! This website is useful if you want an online version of Taboo:

Improving Handwriting!

As I do a lot of work with younger kids on their English and improving their handwriting, I recently came across a website that is very useful for anyone wanting to improve their writing skills and wanted to let you all know about it. The site is and I have used it to create a number of worksheets which the kids love to work on. In a computer-oriented society, we end up writing by hand less and less, but I feel it is still an important skill to work on!